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Studies on the Bionicare Knee System & Its Effectiveness against Osteoarthritis

The Bionicare Knee System on its own and even more so paired with the VQ OrthoCare OActive2 Knee Brace has produced some stunning results. Below are a collection of studies, one of which used a placebo. These studies have been done showing the effectiveness of the Bionicare Knee System. The full studies can be found at www.bionicare.com

  • From The American Journal of Orthopedics:
“We conducted a study to determine if incorporating the BioniCare stimulator into an unloading brace would produce more rapid improvement and result in increased adherence and efficacy. Two hundred eighty-nine patients treated only with BioniCare served as historical controls and were compared with 225 patients treated with BioniCare combined with an unloading brace. Means and standard deviations of the changes in scores for pain intensity in the past 48 hours, pain and associated symptoms, patient global assessment, pain on going up or down stairs, and pain on walking on a flat surface and the effect sizes at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, as well as the percentages of patients achieving at least 20% improvement, and at least 50% improvement, demonstrated that treatment with stimulator and unloading brace combined was significantly superior to treatment with the stimulator alone.”

  • From The Journal of Rheumatology:
    Journal of Rheumatology 1995, Vol 22 Issue 9, Pages 1757-1761.
“Pain relief with the BioniCare Knee Device was significantly greater than with NSAID therapy and/or analgesics alone. BioniCare treated patients showed 130% improvement over placebo in the Physician Global Evaluation, a 120% improvement over placebo in the Patient’s Evaluation of Pain and Symptoms, and a 50% improvement over placebo in Patient’s Evaluation of Function.
A total of 78 patients were treated at five University Centers: University of Connecticut, Case Western Reserve, Johns Hopkins, University of Nebraska and the Nebraska V.A.”

As you can see either combined with the OActive2 or on its own the studies have produced real results for patients. No other system has produced similar results for patients with osteoarthritis.

The Bionicare Knee System is available through certain types of insurance carriers and levels of coverage. If you are interested in learning more or pairing the Bionicare Knee System with your VQ OrthoCare OActive2 Knee Brace please call (800) 266-6969.