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Tips to Stay Safe This Winter to Avoid Aggravating Ligaments & Other Injuries

Winter can be a very dangerous time for injuries, particularly for children and the elderly. From slipping on the front porch, to the sidewalk, black ice and snow, it can feel like you are bracing yourself for the next fall at any time. Below are a collection of thoughts and advice to keep safe this winter and to avoid injury or aggravating an already existing injury.

1. TAKE YOUR TIME. It cannot be stressed enough to take your time while walking and use handrails whenever available.
2. Make sure to keep the porch, driveway, and your sidewalk clear of snow and ice. If you are elderly and can no longer do this yourself see if a helpful relative or friend can chip in, and remind them about the time you helped them move.
3. Apply de-icing material to these areas.
4. Be sure that you wear the correct footwear with as much traction as possible. Make sure whatever shoes you have are not worn down to the point where there is no traction, and check your boots as well; specifically the heels and soles. Some shoes and boots have extra protection in place to prevent slips.
5. Make sure the porch and steps leading up to the house are in good condition.
6. Stay active in the months leading up to winter so that your muscles and joints are in good condition.
7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.
8. If you take medication make sure to take into account the side effects before leaving the house.
9. Avoid carrying items when it’s not completely necessary. Or consider using a cane.

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