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VQ Orthocare Knee Braces

Boasting over 30 years of experience as an industry-leading brand, VQ Orthocare is proud to offer you affordable braces that don’t compromise on the superior quality and functionality you need from your brace. VQ Orthocare continues to be a leading innovator in the brace industry, delivering revolutionary designs that provide you with comfort, functionality and flexibility, all in a sleek minimalist design. VQ Orthocare is a patient-focused brand that prioritizes making life easier through the convenience of our braces. Shop now to find the right brace to alleviate your joint and muscle pain today!

Different Types of VQ Knee Braces for Osteoarthritis & Surgery Recovery

Let’s begin by explaining the different types of braces that you can obtain to alleviate pain or discomfort related to knee osteoarthritis.

Knee Brace Wraps

Also known as a sleeve or cloth-based brace, knee brace wraps are great if you are only experiencing minor discomfort. These wraps provide you with higher stability and flexibility in order to increase knee joint support. They are easy to slip on and off and are made of a comfortable, breathable fabric.

Unloader Knee Braces

This is the ideal brace if you are experiencing pain in a very specific area. This brace works by moving weight and pressure away from an area and allowing you to shift the support over to a specific side of your knee.

Total Knee Support Braces

Offering you complete support and stability for your knees, these powerful braces are the most common devices used to tackle osteoarthritic knee-related pain. They include a full support wrap, a hinge on each side and a variety of designs meant to cater to your specific discomfort. If you experience a high amount of pain, this is the right brace for you.

Most Popular VQ Knee Braces Models for Osteoarthritis

VQ Orthocare features three highly popular total knee support brace designs: the VQ OrthoCare Catalyst Elite, the VQ OrthoCare OActive2 OA Knee Brace and the VQ OrthoCare Catalyst Propel OA.

VQ OrthoCare Catalyst Elite

This brace is designed to protect your knee using a patented rigid Active Thigh Cuff (ATC) and a posterior calf cuff to avoid shin pressure. The ATC is both flexible and durable in order to provide you with unparalleled suspension, comfort and protection. It features a lightweight aluminum frame that gives you superior protection in all of your daily activities. This brace is ideal for those with mild to severe ligament damage.

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VQ OrthoCare OActive2 OA Knee Brace

The best thing about this particular brace is the low-profile design that distinguishes it from other braces. Its lightweight frame and minimalist design allow you to comfortably wear this brace under practically any clothing, including jeans. However, this minimalist design does not compromise quality, as the brace also features three maximized points of leverage. It also features a laterally applied frame and hinge that work together to correct the medial or lateral compartment. This brace is ideal for those with moderate to severe osteoarthritis.

VQ OrthoCare Catalyst Propel OA

VQ OrthoCare Catalyst Elite

This particular model is one of VQ's most functional designs and offers optimal knee stabilization for all types of activities. This is the closest there is to a universal model, as the brace is ideal for mild, moderate and even severe osteoarthritis. Its Q-hinges adjust to the shape of your leg and provide you with maximum unloading for any compartment of your knee. It also contours to your thigh, which provides you with a full range of motion.

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VQ Knee Braces Instruction & Fitting Guide

The knee braces in VQ’s line are relatively easy to use. Because they’re designed for those with limited range of motion, putting on your knee brace should be fairly simple.

With sleeves and compression braces, you’ll typically slide the brace over your leg up to your knee. With unloader knee braces or full-support knee braces, there will often be an additional step in the process that involves wrapping additional support straps around your knee depending on how the brace is designed to fit.

Putting On an Unloader, Lateral Support Knee Brace

  • Step 1: Prior to wearing your brace, undo all of the support straps, lifting up on the buckles and unhooking the buckles from the frame.
  • Step 2: While sitting, bend your knees slightly and apply the brace to the side of your leg that requires support. Make sure the hinge is aligned with the center of the kneecap and the brace is positioned slightly behind the midline of the leg.
  • Step 3: Adjust the hinge to neutral by using the adjustment key. This is achieved by setting the correction angle at the interior or exterior hinge so that the hinge rests on the leg without gaps or pressure. Use the adjustment key and turn it counter clockwise to loosen the brace hinge.
  • Step 4: Strap on the brace by bringing the support straps around the back of the leg and fastening the plastic buckles on the hinge side of the brace. Be sure that the buckle snaps down completely.
  • Step 5: Once all the buckles are in place, tighten the velcro support straps by holding the brace in place to prevent rotation and drawing the velcro strap back around toward the back of the leg opposite the buckle, ensuring that the straps are tightened appropriately. Don’t make them too tight or too loose.

You should then walk around and adjust the brace as needed. The brace will settle or fall into place naturally. Once adjustments have been made and the brace has a good fit, you can leave the support straps alone for future applications. They won’t need to be adjusted again.

Here’s a helpful video: Application of an OActive2 OA Knee Brace:

VQ Knee Brace Reviews

VQ’s OA knee braces are designed for several different patient outcomes. Many patients report relief after wearing knee braces, and in some cases, improvement of their knee OA. Here are some reviews of our VQ Orthocare Braces:

“This brace works really well, and as I was browsing similar braces - ones I've owned in the past that are more expensive - this brace is not only more comfortable but also better made. You can tell it is well designed, and the fact that the measuring is so simple makes it even easier. I didn't have to worry at all about it fitting or not like so many other brands I have owned and had to return.”

- Edward (VQ Knee Brace Customer, October 2018)

“I’ve been using osteoarthritis braces for the past 30 years, and after trying this one out, I will not be trying out any others. This one feels great and helps tremendously. The more I wear it, the better I feel. I just need to make sure to take it off when I’m done moving for the day and resting.”

- Craig (VQ Knee Brace Customer, October 2018)

“Was very skeptical that this would fit me given most braces have a very complex measuring system, but to my surprise, it fits really well and the quality is outstanding - I've been wearing it for just a few weeks and have noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms. The moment I put it on, there was a sense of relief.”

- Carl (VQ Knee Brace Customer, August 2018)

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